FACT Committee

Financial Advisory Committee to the Township

Approved by the Township Board of Trustees in April 2018, Financial Advisory Committee to the Township (FACT) has one main goal:  to provide a structured systemic review of the organization's governance, risk management, and internal control practices.

The FACT Committee includes residents with knowledge of advisory roles, finance, IT, the law, risk, and internal controls.

In October 2018, in addition to a Township Board member and the Township Manager, five members of the Committee were appointed.

Originally, two members of the Committee were appointed by the Oak Park Township Board of Trustees to an initial three-year term and subsequent two-year terms.

The remaining members will serve up to two two-year terms.

The Committee schedules five meetings per year and may meet more often as necessary; all FACT meetings will be subject to the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

For questions, please contact Kim Henry at khenry@oakparktownship.org or call 708-383-8005.

Financial Advisory Committee Members

Board Representative - Township Supervisor Clarmarie I. Keenan

Township Manager - Gavin Morgan

Oak Park Resident - Gregory Kolar

Oak Park Resident - Delilah Strickland

Oak Park Resident - Doug Weismantle

Oak Park Resident - Dirk DeLor

FACT Committee Agendas




FACT Committee Approved Minutes