Second Installment Tax Bills Are Due December 1


Ali ElSaffar

Second Installment Tax Bills Are Due December 1

Oak Park, Illinois – In late October, the Cook County Treasurer’s office mailed second installment property tax bills for tax year 2022 (paid in 2023). According to Oak Park Township Assessor Ali ElSaffar, the bills will be on December 1.

The amount due on second installment tax bills equals the total tax due for the year less the payment made for the first installment, which was due on April 1. The first installment bill was an estimate based on last year’s bill and did not reflect the impact of 2022 exemptions or appeals. Exemptions and appeals for tax year 2022 are reflected on second installment bills.

Can I do anything to reduce my current tax bill? If you are eligible for a homeowner, senior citizen or other exemption but did not receive one, the Township Assessor’s office can assist you in obtaining a revised bill for a smaller amount. If you have received all exemptions for which you are eligible, however, you likely will not be able to do anything about your current bill.

Can I do anything to reduce future tax bills? Next year, Cook County Assessor will be accepting appeals from Oak Park residents for tax year 2024. When appeal dates are announced, residents may call Oak Park Township for help in preparing an appeal. Residents who want to be notified of the next appeal period should call the Township and have their names put on the notification list now.

Details about Paying Taxes. If money for property taxes is paid into an escrow account with a taxpayer’s mortgage company, the financial institution should receive the tax bill electronically, even if the taxpayer also receives a copy of the bill. Assessor ElSaffar advises taxpayers with property tax escrows held by their mortgage companies not to pay property taxes on their own. If they do, an overpayment of property taxes may result.

Property owners who do not have mortgage companies paying their taxes can make tax payments in-person at Chase Bank, by mail, or online at the Cook County Treasurer’s web site, Chase branches most convenient to Oak Park residents are located at 1048 Lake Street and 800 Madison Street in Oak Park.

Release date: October 31, 2023