Everybody Needs An Advocate

Everybody Needs An Advocate

We are here for all residents in our community.

Oak Park Township is focused on providing diverse social and supportive services that help improve the well-being of residents at all ages and stages of life.

From homeowners and families to kids and seniors, we are here for all residents in our community.


Central hub for service and resource information

Our Resident Services staff is the first point of contact for a resident who may be seeking assistance with government, social or human services that can help improve their quality of life. In addition, we assist with general services available to all residents, such as Notary Services, Medical Equipment Lending, Voter Registration, referrals and other resources.


Your property tax advocate

Assessor Services is your resource for understanding the community tax system, assessed values of your property, opportunities for tax refunds or exemptions, and the processes involved in filing an appeal. The Township Assessor and staff offer expertise in property assessments and related taxes and can help residents file an appeal at no cost.


Financial assistance at times of job loss

For those who are unemployed, disabled, or experiencing other challenges, paying for basics such as food and shelter can be a daily struggle. The General Assistance program at Oak Park Township offers financial assistance to individuals or non-custodial parents who have lost a job or are having difficulty being hired.


Helping seniors thrive

The needs of older adults are diverse. Changes in income, mobility, health, and access to social activities impact their life and independence. Our professional Senior Services staff link and support seniors with programs and tools to be as healthy, active, and independent in the home and throughout the community as possible. We assist family members and caregivers by providing inclusive supportive services that help older adults in their care.


A trusted source for youth and their families

Everyone needs help, support, guidance, and connection at different times in their lives. Our caring and knowledgeable Youth and Family Services staff provide a network of resources for youth and families that include community outreach and engagement programs, mental health and wellness, counseling for youth, financial aid, socialization and more. We strive to provide a safe and positive environment that fosters relief, belonging, hope, understanding and trust for every young person as they reach adulthood.