Older Americans Month 2023 – A Proclamation 

Older Americans Month 2023

A Proclamation

Whereas, Oak Park, Illinois is a community that the United States Census’ AmericanCommunity Survey estimates to include over 11,812 citizens aged 60 and older; and 

Whereas, the older adults in Oak Park, Illinois are among of our most “treasuredresources,” united by historical experiences, strengthened by diversity, and interpreting events through varied perspectives and backgrounds to bring wisdom and insight to our community; and 

Whereas, increasing numbers of adults are reaching retirement age and remainingstrong and active for longer than ever before; and 

Whereas, the older adults in Oak Park, Illinois deserve recognition for thecontributions they have made and will continue to make to the culture, economy, and character of our community and our nation; and 

Whereas, our community can provide that recognition and respect by improving thequality of life for older Americans by: 

Increasing their opportunities to remain active and engaged in community life; 

Providing individualized services and support systems to maintain the dignity, independence, and self-determination of older Americans as they age; 

Combating ageist attitudes by honoring their past, present, and future contributions; 

Now Therefore, the Township of Oak Park, Illinois, joins with the federalAdministration on Aging (AoA) to hereby proclaim May 2023 to be Older Americans Month. We also proclaim that May 11th through the 18th of the month of May 2023 be designated “Celebrating Seniors Week”. We urge every citizen to take time this month to honor our older adults and the professionals, family members, and volunteers who care for many of them. Our recognition and involvement of older Americans can enrich our entire community’s quality of life.

Dated this 25th day of April 2023

Township of Oak Park 

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Clarmarie I. Keenan, Township Supervisor