2023 Oak Park Township Impact Statement Service Highlights

2023 Oak Park Township Impact Statement Service Highlights

An early look at the higlights for our fiscal year April 1, 2022-March 31, 2023

In fiscal year 2023, we advanced the Board’s vision to be a well-known and respected community partner and leading provider of proactive, responsive, and relevant supportive services for all residents at every stage of life.

We took a proactive step in rebranding the Township using consistent and representative messaging and visuals that better align with the Township’s services and values. We continue this effort as we prepare for a revised website and public education campaign to help better inform and serve the community.

The Board demonstrated fiscal stewardship, maintaining a Town Fund balance within policy and bringing the balances in the Community Mental Health (CMHB) and General Assistance (GA) funds to within policy. We completed capital projects at Township-owned buildings without a referendum. Throughout the year, unspent funds were reallocated to meet further community needs.

Township Staff continued to provide proactive, responsive, and relevant services. CMHB completed a needs assessment and participated with other Township staff in creating the Village’s five-year public health plan (I-Plan). Youth and Family Services reorganized community service programs into the new Community Justice program with a focus on restorative justice. Senior Services received new funding to meet changing needs in the community. Energy Assistance transitioned from being in Senior Services to being unified within the General Assistance department. These changes benefited residents accessing the services, and improved quality and efficiency.

We could not succeed without our partners in the public and private sectors. Together we helped specific individuals and families, developed programs, and assessed community needs. We leveraged our combined resources for the benefit of the community, including funding the Township provided to agencies serving Oak Park residents and funding we received to enhance Township services.

Our continued success in serving the community are a testament to the power of vision and collaboration. By working together, we have created a stronger Oak Park, one that is defined by opportunity, equity, and compassion.

Oak Park Township is focused on providing diverse social and supportive services that help improve the well-being of residents at all ages and stages of life.

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