March 14, 2023 Approved Minutes



Clerk DaToya Burtin-Cox called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m. and the meeting was conducted in person and electronically. The following participated in-person: Township Manager, Gavin Morgan; Supervisor, Clarmarie Keenan; Trustee, Ade Onayemi; Trustee, Margaret Trybus; Clerk, DaToya Burtin-Cox; Trustee Tim Thomas; Attorney, John Garofalo; and Ashley Elane, Communications and Engagement Coordinator, Megan Traficano, Youth and Family Services Director, April Dugal, General Assistance Manager.

Dominique Hickman, Girls on the Rise; and Moriah Gale, Girls on the Rise, participated electronically.




Trustee Trybus moved to approve the Consent Agenda. Trustee Onayemi seconded the motion. The remaining Board members voted to pass the motion unanimously.


Youth and Family Services Contracts

  • Supervisor Keenan indicated that the committee did a good job going through the RFPs
  • Trustee Trybus inquired whether the language in the RFP and the contract will outline the guidelines for spending and collecting data in the next round.
    • Director Traficano indicated that the Committee capped funding for grant at $10,000 and received more proposals this year.
  • Trustee Trybus inquired about the duration of the programs that were funded (6 month or 1 year). She indicated that there could be problems with data when programs were of short duration.
  • Trustee Onayemi, liaison to the Youth and Family Services Committee, indicated that half of the programs were new. Reiterated that the grant money is seed money and the Township does not sponsor programs.
  • Trustee Trybus inquired how they were dealing with YEMBA since CMHB was also providing funding.
    • Director Traficano indicated that they were not funding programs that received money from other Township divisions.
    • Supervisor Keenan indicated that there were other ways they could support YEMBA.
  • Trustee Trybus inquired about the Dream Team program.
    • Director Traficano indicated that the program identifies youth who need 1-1 mentorship. School staff are the mentors. The money will help expand the program.
  • Trustee Trybus inquired as to why Thamani did not receive funding.
    • Director Traficano indicated that the RFP was unclear. Could not discern how Oak Park/River Forest residents were being served.
    • Also indicated that the Friday Night program RFP was not clear and had no data. There was also a concern that the youth could be served through the CRC.
  • Trustee Trybus inquired about Youth and Family Services being under budget.
    • Director Traficano indicated that the remaining money would go to supplement other areas of direct service (i.e., Salary, Girls on the Rise).
    • Trustee Trybus indicated that they should show the money shift is going to support Township direct services.
    • Director Traficano indicated that they budget $125,000 for grants and allocated $104,000 last year.
  • Supervisor Keenan inquired about Transparency of the Township would be. Concerned about the lack of receipts from grant recipients.
  • Trustee Onayemi motioned to approve the Youth and Family Services contracts.
  • Supervisor Keenan seconded the motion.
  • The Board voted unanimously to pass the motion.


General Assistance Budget

  • Emergency Assistance Program
    • Manager Dugal indicated that the program does not take away from General assistance.
    • The new budget is increased due to need for staff and to fund the Emergency Assistance Program.
    • Emergency Assistance is capped at $1200 per request/household per year.
      • Referrals will come through the Homelessness Prevention program.
      • $5000 in assets disregarded for funding purposes.
      • Emergency Assistance recipient cannot also receive General Assistance.
      • To qualify for Emergency Assistance, the household income must be below $4801/month.
    • Trustee Thomas indicated that Emergency Assistance helps families whereas General Assistance is generally for individuals.
    • Trustee Trybus inquired whether the Emergency Assistance budget will be a separate line item.
      • Manager Morgan indicated that yes, it will be incorporated into the General Assistance budget. The funding is available in the Town Fund fund balance. Township revenue looks low currently because the second tax installment has not been received.
    • Township needs to make community aware the Emergency Assistance is available.

.General Assistance Report

  • Manager Morgan indicated the budget impact was mainly from staffing increase.
  • Manager Dugal indicated that they experienced increases in clients for LIHEAP and the expenditure also went up due to increased rents.

Decennial Committee

  • Manager Morgan sent Board a draft plan. First step is to establish a committee.
  • Trustee Trybus inquired about advertising for community committee member. Township should be transparent. Township should nix idea of working with other government bodies as many are not doing report or have already begun.
  • Supervisor Keenan recommend Board identify community committee members.
  • Trustee Trybus requested bullet points for committee expectations (i.e., # of meetings; committee will operate as a unit; start/end date; objective)

105 Construction

  • Construction is progressing.
  • Should be complete by May.
  • Manager Morgan indicates there will be a Grand Opening for the community.
  • Trustee Onaymei inquired whether it was on budget.
    • Manager Morgan indicated that there has been one minor change order.


  • Home Repair Program
    • ICMA partnership award submission
    • OPT should know decision by June
  • Culture & Climate
    • Kick off soon
    • Supervisor training online re: How to Build Culture of Accountability and Equity
    • Auditor meeting this week re: Finance


  • Thank you
  • Trustee Trybus indicated that since tax bills are coming out, there is a sense of urgency to identity for community the small percentage that goes to OPT


  • Working on latest grants
  • Establishing new RFP requirement
  • Cheryl working with Village Manager K. Jackson to develop alternative response models.
  • Director Potts is working with 7 new Boards, providing technical assistance.


  • No report

Senior Services

  • Legislative breakfast was 03/13/2023
    • Senior Services was selected to do presentation by Age Options

Youth and Family Services

  • Committee did great work on RFP
  • Director Traficano leads a great team
  • Need more organizations to apply for grants


Trustee Onayemi moved to adjourn at 8:48 pm; Trustee Thomas seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


The next meeting of the Oak Park Township Board of Trustees will be a Regular Board of Trustees Meeting conducted in-person and/or electronically among Board members on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, at 7pm at the Township Senior Center locate at 130 S. Oak Park, Ave, Oak Park, IL.

Respectfully submitted by
and recorded in the office of

/s/ DaToya Burtin-Cox
DaToya Burtin-Cox, Clerk