February 14, 2023 Approved Minutes



Clerk DaToya Burtin-Cox called the meeting to order at 7:11 p.m. and the meeting was conducted in person and electronically. The following participated in-person: Township Manager, Gavin Morgan; and Township Attorney, John Garofalo; Supervisor, Clarmarie Keenan; Trustee, Tim Thomas; Trustee, Ade Onayemi; and Trustee, Margaret Trybus, Clerk, DaToya Burtin-Cox, and Trustee, Eric Davis. Also, Social Services Manager, April Dugal, participated virtually. Laura Valcour, Nutrition Program Manager participated in- person. 




Trustee Trybus moved to approve the Township Minutes from January 24, 2023 and Audit of Bills for the period of December 31, 2022 through February 8, 2023. Supervisor Keenan seconded the motion. The remaining Board members voted to pass the motion unanimously.


Employee Life Insurance

  • Need to change eligibility for life insurance in the Township to include “all employees who are eligible for health insurance”. This will be all employees working 30+ hours. 
  • Affects only two OPT employees. 
  • Cost is less than $30/year to Township. 
  • Trustee Onayemi made motion to change the life employee insurance policy. 
  • Supervisor Keenan seconded the motion. 
  • The remaining Board members voted to pass the motion unanimously. 
  • Trustee Trybus inquired whether the insurance is only available while an active employee. Manager Morgan indicated that life insurance will be offered to employed individuals. 

Discussion Items

  • Laura Valcour, Nutrition Program Manager, Presentation 
    • 7,000 meals served per month 
    • Dine-in service occurs 3 days/week 
      • Increasing to 5 days per week starting in March 
      • Attendance has been increasing incrementally. 
      • Would like to provide more fresh/hot meals 
    • Deliveries have 5 routes between Oak Park and River Forest 
      • In need of more drivers for deliveries 
    • Trustee Davis requested language to share need for nutrition volunteers 
    • Senior/Nutrition events 
      • Health/Wellness 
        • Looking for experts in these areas for activities 
      • Supervisor Keenan suggested that Valcour/Nutrition person should be interviewed by OPT Communication Coordinator 
      • Trustee Davis suggested news article about the Girl Scouts creating cards for seniors 
    • Mardi Gras event next Tuesday from 1-2 pm at Senior Center 
  •  Emergency Assistance Program 
    • Will propose a new budget item 
    • Optional benefit for the Township, funded from the General Assistance Fund 
    • Benefit awarded once per household/year 
      • Utilized to alleviate life threatening situations or job-related situation (i.e., job certification, job equipment) 
      • Individual/Families on General Assistance/TANF can’t receive Emergency Assistance 
        • General Assistance generally does not assist families 
        • General Assistance available for individuals 18-62 
        • Emergency Assistance available to seniors, families, workers who are having difficulties 
        • Proposed Cap - $1,200 per household 
    • Trustee Thomas inquired whether Emergency Assistance was a gap filler 
    • Trustee Trybus inquired whether emergency assistance will be a separate line item on the GA budget 
      • Manager Morgan indicated that it would 
    • Trustee Thomas inquired were $1,200 amount came from 
      • Manager Morgan indicated that the amount was based on inquiries into nearby Townships and rent amounts 
        • Manager Morgan indicated that the budget proposal will include intake staff 
  • Naloxone Distribution 
    • Communicated with Wednesday Journal re: training and distribution 
    • OPT has done training re administration of naloxone 
    • Naloxone is a drug to assist with opioid overdose 
    • Supervisor Keenan inquired about risks 
      • Manager Morgan indicated that State Statue extends good Samaritan law to this situation 
  •  Vehicle Maintenance Agreement with the Village 
    • Received email from Village Law Depart. Willing to add OPT to their insurance as additional insured. 
    • OPT Garofalo has requested copy of the Village insurance policy 
  •  Decennial Committee Report 
    • Manager Morgan, Supervisor Keenan, and Trustee Trybus signed up for webinar with TOI on the topic 
    • Supervisor Keenan indicated the there was an opinion piece in the Chicago Sun Times re: Township government 
  •  105 Construction 
    • Expect to hear by 2/15 regarding the permit issue 
    • Issue is regarding fire safety 

 Manager Report

  • Youth and Family Service/Senior Services/General Assistance Reports available 
  • CEDA applications are up 
  • Cook County guaranteed income program 
    • 1 General Assistance applicant chosen 
    • Guaranteed income not included when calculating income for General Assistance 
  • Elections 
    • 105 Board Room space will be a polling place 
    • If construction is not complete we will move to 130 Dining Room 
  • Alternative Response Task Force 
    • Mental Health component 
      • Shift discussion from education to working group 
        • Recommendations will be provided to the village 
  • Portrait of Graduate 
    • Working with School district 97 and other partners on vision of success for youth in Oak Park 
  • Working with staff to identify key performance measures to highlight at Annual Township Mtg 
    • Trustee Davis requested a visual presentation as opposed to a written report 
  • Community Engagement Coordinator hired. Ashley Elane will start Thursday 2/17/23 
  • Draft Audit is in 

Supervisor Keenan

  • Thank you 
  • Encourage participants on the efficiency committee who understand the Township’s values 
  • Support Senior Nutritionist by recruiting drivers for meal delivery 
  • Trustee Davis suggests providing training on AED to the public 


  • Next Mtg 2/21 
    • Reviewing grant applications 
  • $1.8 million requested 
  • $1.2 million to be distributed 
  • Working on strategic plan 
    • Input received from community and providers 
  • Village Task Force re: response to mental health emergencies 
    • Working on recommendations 


  • Candidate forum (2/4/23 @ 1:30 pm) at Senior Service Bldg. 
    • 35 participants 

Senior Services

  • Committee mtg 2/18 
  • Doing great work 
  • Need to advertise events for increased numbers 
  • 2 open committee spots 
  • Age Options 2023 legislative luncheon 
    • 3/13 OPT co-sponsoring 

Youth and Family Services

  • 2/8 next meetings 
    • Review RFP 
  • Received 14 proposals for grants 
    • Joint proposals – 4 were agreed upon; 1 proposal - requested additional information 
    • 6 from Oak Park to be reviewed 
      • 1 may be Friday Night Place program 
        • Program has been done before 
        • Numbers of participants does not reflect the funds requested
  • 2 committee members needed  


Trustee Thomas moved to adjourn at 8:49 pm; Trustee Onayemi seconded the motion which passed unanimously. 


The next meeting of the Oak Park Township Board of Trustees will be a Regular Board of Trustees Meeting conducted in-person and/or electronically among Board members on Tuesday, February 28, 2023, at 7pm at the Township Senior Center locate at 130 S. Oak Park, Ave, Oak Park, IL. 

Respectfully submitted by
and recorded in the office of

/s/ DaToya Burtin-Cox
DaToya Burtin-Cox, Clerk