October 25, 2022 Approved Minutes



Clerk DaToya Burtin-Cox called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. and the meeting was conducted in person and electronically. The following participated in-person: Township Manager, Gavin Morgan; and Township Attorney, John Garofalo; Clerk DaToya Burtin-Cox; Trustee Tim Thomas; Trustee Margaret Trybus; Trustee; Eric Davis Trustee; Ade Onayemi. The following participated electronically: Supervisor Clarmarie Keenan; Cheryl Potts, Director of CMHB, Lee Howard, Accountant, and M. Bondic-Keenan, Village of Oak Park Board Climate Ready Committee. 


None available.  Clerk Burtin-Cox did express to the Board that the Township has received several inquiries about the advisory referendum on the 2022 General Election ballot.  Supervisor Keenan requested that a press release go out explaining the process for getting the advisory referendum on the ballot.  


Trustee Onayemi moved to approve the Township Minutes from October 11, 2022. Trustee Thomas seconded the motion. Trustee Trybus abstained from the vote.  The remaining Board members voted to pass the motion.  

The Township bills were provided at the meeting for the period of September 13, 2022 through October 14, 2022.Motion by Trustee Onayemi which was seconded by Trustee Thomas.  The motion passed unanimously. 


2022 Levy 

  • Accountant Lee Howard presented 
    • Option 1 
      • Flat levy – this levy was used in the past. 
    • Option 2 
      • 4.99% levy- fall within protocol. 
    • Option 3 
      • 7% increase would keep up with inflation but would require a public hearing. 
    • Unaware of the EAV (Entity Attributed Value) for 2021 since the tax bills for the second part of the year have not come out. 
    • 2022 Fund balance 
    • General Assistance – fund balance has increased 
    • 2021 OPT took advance from fund balance for capital improvements (OPT and CMHB) 
    • 2022 looks to restore GA fund to previous levels 


Village of Oak Park Sustainability Presentation 

  • Climate Ready Plan approved by Village Board in August 0f 2022 
    • Committee has met with affinity groups, other agencies and partners within OP. 
    • 17,000 have visited the website.  
    • Op green house gas numbers are similar to other communities 
    • The plans identified Impact Areas have established goals/timelines/costs. 
    • Trustee Davis inquired about the collaborations with other government agencies to identify areas for improved sustainability across the village (i.e., transportation, mobility for seniors/disabled), identify grants. 
    • Trustee Davis requested copy of presentation slides. 
    • Supervisor Keenan reiterated suggestion to establish a sustainability committee with the Township. 

Committee Board Positions 

  • Youth and Family Services 
    • 3 open positions in OP 
  • Senior Services 
    • 2 open positions 
  • So far the Township has not received any new applications for the committee positions. 
  • Trustee Trybus suggests that we look at the local churches for recruitment, publicize through the Wednesday Journal, place notice in the office front. 
  • Supervisor Keenan suggest we advertise through the OP Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Trustee Davis suggested utilizing social media and include committee photos of committee members. 
  • Director Potts suggested hosting a committee open house 
  • Trustee Thomas/Director Potts suggest place ad in the Wednesday Journal Giving Guide. 
  • Trust Trybus indicated that the Senior Services letter to potential committee members needed updating. 


  • D97 (PBIS – Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) 
    • District/Village presented IGA re policing. 
      • OPT and Library have been bought into the conversation. 
  • Police Service Task Force 
    • Manager involved in talks 
  • Celebrate Senior Committee 
    • Awarded Pamela Mahn (Dir. Of Senior Services), Lidiya Manning, Matt Davis with volunteer of the year award. 
  • Pat Coco – TOI conference (volunteer of the year award) 
  • Dominique Hickman – Assoc. of Illinois Comm. On Youth Employee of the Year Award 
  • Transportation Dept. 
    • Received positive feedback from residents. 
      • Terry Woodard 
      • Milton White 
  • Ali ElSaffar sent article to Wednesday Journal re tax bills. 
  • Greg White dedication- 10/30/22 at 11:30 am. 

Supervisor Keenan 

  • Sent email to Board re mask requirement. 
  • Be careful as we move into holidays 
  • Committee staffing 
    • Manager Morgan will speak with Senior Services and Youth Services. 
    • Would like committees fully staffed by Thanksgiving or hold off until January. 
  • Youth committee should not involve youth until fully staffed. 
    • Trustee Onayemi indicate the committee agrees. 
  • Thank you to accountant for presentation. 

 CMHB (Director Potts) 

  • Request for proposals has gone out and due 11/8/22. 
    • CMHB is looking to distribute 1.2 to 1.8 million in grants. 
  • CMHB completed audits of past grantees. 
    • Staff report the grant money being used appropriately. 
  • Partnership with Chamber of Commerce and D200 went well. 
  • Livingroom program for adults – national model 
    • Seeks to divert mental illness cases from police and hospital. 
  • Crisis Response task force identifying the OP response time times for crisises. 


  • Met on 10/15 
  • Wrapped up re sustainability forum. 
  • Coordination February forum. 

Senior Service 

  • Reference awards identified by Manager Morgan. 
  • Discuss Fraud surrounding seniors. 
    • Suggest ICE (In Case of Emergency) box for placement of important info on refrigerator. 

 Youth Services 

  • Discussed filling open committee seats 
  • RFP cycle for 2024 
    • Looking to increase number of applicants through advertisement. 
      • Will refine priority areas. 
      • Will define available money for applicants  ($125000 given out last year). 
      • Trustee Trybus inquired whether summer programs received funds last year and whether there was follow up with recipients. 


  • Trustee Trybus moved to adjourn at 8:55 pm; Trustee Davis seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


The next meeting of the Oak Park Township Board of Trustees will be a Regular Board of Trustees Meeting conducted in-person and/or electronically among Board members on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, at 7 pm at the Township Office locate at 105 S. Oak Park, Ave, Oak Park, IL.  

Respectfully submitted by and recorded in the office of  

/s/ DaToya Burtin-Cox 

DaToya Burtin-Cox, Clerk