August 23, 2022 Approved Minutes



Clerk DaToya Burtin-Cox called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. and the meeting was conducted in person and electronically. In-person the following participated: Trustee Eric Davis; Clerk, DaToya Burtin-Cox; Township Manager, Gavin Morgan, and Township Attorney, John Garofalo; Trustees Margaret Trybus, Trustee Tim Thomas, Supervisor Clarmarie Keenan.  Also in attendance electronically:  Cheryl Potts, CMHB.


None available


Trustee Eric Davis moved to approve the Township Minutes from July 26, 2022, with clarifications. Motion was seconded by Trustee Tim Thomas and approved unanimously.

The Township bills were not available for review and tabled until the next Board meeting, September 13, 2022.


Consideration and Approval of Township Building and Senior Services Building Roof Replacements Contract

  • Contract is with Garland/DBA, Inc.
  • The contract is lower than expected and budgeted by approximately $100, 000 estimate.
  • Project is scheduled to begin in late October 2022.
  • The contract indicates that the project will take 7 business days to complete.
  • The Board requested that the construction take into consideration Township/Village events and festivities.
  • The Township has made the staff aware of potential parking restrictions and will continue to keep staff informed of restrictions and alternatives.
  • The project will complete one building at a time.
  • Trustee Eric Davis, an employee with Cook County who oversees a contract with Garland for the County, indicated that he was not involved in the solicitation or award of the Township roofing contract.
  • Trustee Davis indicated that the First page, 2nd paragraph of the contract was ambiguous
    • Paragraph should be amended to identify each property and its address
  • Trustee Trybus inquired about the $35,000 contingency
    • Informed that the money was for unknown conditions that may arise during the construction and add-ons
  • Supervisor Keenan requested that the Township place permits prominently in the windows and provide the public notice about the work and that the Contractor keep work site clean
  • Trustee Davis moved to accept the contract
  • Trustee Trybus seconded the motion
  • The Board approved the motion unanimously

Purchase of Routing Software for Transportation

  • The contract is with Ecolane
  • The contract amount is within budget
  • Township Manager recommended that the Board approve the Pay Upfront Option
    • Trustee Davis questioned whether this option was the best value
    • Trustee Trybus indicated that the purchase of the 1 year constract did not seem cost effective
  • Trustee Thomas inquired about the data security
    • Township Manager indicated that the software would not maintain personal information, but that I would only track the Township buses/transportation vehicles
  • Trustee Trybus inquired about training on the software
    • Township Manager indicated that the contract includes ongoing training
  • Township Manager indicated that the software was found through the Coop and that the public will be given notice in the transportation upgrade
  • Trustee Thomas inquired as to whether the software will track pick-up of individuals
    • Township Manager indicated that the version in contract does not but that it could be included for a cost
  • The matter involving the transportation software will be tabled to allow the Township Manager to obtain information


Senior document disposal events

  • Looking into program for the disposal of cellular telephones and documents
  • Currently the Oak Park Police Depart pick-up cellular telephones at each building
  • Currently the Township has a contract with to shred documents quarterly
  • Village has shredding events every 6 months (Spring Fall – Township could do evets in summer/winter


  • Communications Specialist resigned
  • Housing Authority/ Housing Forward seeking letter of support for HUD program that assist kids aging out of foster care with housing needs
    • Township will support through General Assistance
  • LIHEAP transition
    • Senior program will move under General Assistance
    • CEDA conducted a site visit
    • 2021-2022 – Township received 330 LIHEAP applications
    • $200,000 was awarded
    • Contract was renewed
  • Referendum on the Nov. 2022 Ballot
    • The referendum passed at the 2021 Annual Township Meeting was placed on the Nov. 2022 Ballot. There was an oversight will di not allow it to be placed on the April 2022 Ballot
    • Township Manager will do a press release before the November election
  • Reparation Task Force
    • Township Manager spoke w/ Christian re the Task Force
      • 1300 surveys are being sought
        • Receive 500 completed surveys
      • Doing research on other communities’ reparation actions
      • Their internal deadline has been pushed back
    • Village I-Plan
      • Community Foundation/Community Works [Transportation expansion] still being reviewed and considered
    • Fraud
      • Township check was cashed fraudulently. Looking into matter

Supervisor Keenan

  • Thank you to Manager, Board and Staff
  • Would like to continue trajectory of having in-person meetings
  • The Public Relation materials have worked out great
    • Continue to let public see the Townships new look
      • Trustee Thomas inquired about lapel pins
        • Township manager will investigate
      • Trustee Thomas inquired whether all committee members were given swag bags
        • Township manager indicated bags were distributed to all committees in session over the summer
      • Reiterates need to keep committees full
      • Would like committees to consider ways that they can do something for the community

CMHB (Director Potts)

  • No Board meeting this month
  • D97 voted to contribute $200,000 for Mindful Middle School Program
  • Beginning program audits of grantees
  • Requesting proposals for FY 2024
  • Trustee Davis inquired about programs regarding services in wake of the pandemic
  • Update on Community Rec Center
    • Working on coordinating facility and program needs
      • Park District is hiring social worker as part of the staffing


  • 9/24/2022 – Sustainability Forum There will be a sustainability forum in the early Fall.

Trustee Thomas informed Board about the Free Sale occurring at Rehm Park on 9/17 (10 am – 2 pm)


  • Trustee Trybus moved to adjourn at 8:42 pm; Trustee Thomas seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


The next meeting of the Oak Park Township Board of Trustees will be a Regular Board of Trustees Meeting conducted in-person and/or electronically among Board members on Tuesday, September 13, 2022, at 7 pm at the Township Office locate at 105 S. Oak Park, Ave, Oak Park, IL.


Respectfully submitted by
and recorded in the office of

/s/ DaToya Burtin-Cox

DaToya Burtin-Cox, Clerk