April 26, 2022 Approved Minutes



Clerk DaToya Burtin-Cox called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. and the meeting was conducted electronically. On the call of the roll the following participated: Supervisor Clarmarie Keenan; Trustees Margaret Trybus, Ade Onayemi, Tim Thomas, Eric Davis; Clerk, DaToya Burtin-Cox; Township Manager, Gavin Morgan, and Township Attorney, John Garofalo.  Also in attendance:  Pamela Mahn, Senior Service Director.

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Trustee M Trybus moved to approve the Township Minutes from the April 12, 2022 Board Meeting and bills for the period of March 12, 2022 through April 15, 2022. Trustee Eric Davis motioned to accept the Consent Agenda and Trustee T Thomas seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


Prevention services Intergovernmental Agreement

  • Transitions Time Program and FACE IT from Youth Services IGA to a new Prevention Services IGA
  • Agreement solidifies coalition with River Forest
  • Trustee M Trybus motioned to accept Intergovernmental Agreement and Trustee E Davis Second the motion
  • Trustee A Onayemi questioned whether the River Forest Contribution of $6,000 was sufficient
    • Manager Morgan indicated that in other agreements the River Forest contribution has been 20% based on the relative populations of the two communities, and that the $6,000 was 20% of what the budgeted costs had been for the FACE-IT program
    • Manager Morgan indicated that for the past two years the actual costs have been much less than budgeted
      • Board questioned whether $6,000 was 20%, and whether it covered the current program costs
      • Manager Gavin indicated that it does not cover 20% of the budgeted costs, and that he will talk with River Forest Township about increasing contribution or covering 20% of actual expenditures
    • Trustee M Trybus asked whether the # of River Forest residents served has changed over the years – has it increased or decreased?
      • The data can assist in determining the amount that River Forest should contribute
    • Trustee E Davis indicated that we need to be careful not to suggest fee for service
    • Attorney J Garofalo inquired about the “Hold Harmless” provision and suggest that the Insurance provider be made aware of the provision
    • Board tabled consideration of the IGA


ComEd Program

  • ComEd assessment Complete
    • Recommendation regarding light fixtures
    • Initial investment =
      • 105 S Oak Park approximately $11,000 with a $1,400 rebate
      • Payback of investment in approximately 4.7 years
      • 130 S Oak Park approximately $7,000
      • Payback in 3.6 years
    • Trustee A Onayemi made motion to invest in Com Ed program
    • Motion 2nd by Supervisor C Keenan
    • Trustee E Davis indicates that the assessment “burn hours” suggest more savings than would be realized
      • Longer repayment period is okay
    • Trustee A Onayemi suggested changing light fixtures to motion sensor lighting
    • Trustee M Trybus inquired about the Lease Option
    • Manager Morgan will inquire about all of the Board’s questions
    • Board passed acceptance of the ComEd program unanimously



Branding Update

  • Ordered items
    • Awning
    • Shirt
    • Give aways
  • Message finalized
    • Manager Morgan will send finalized message to Board
  • Public Launch
    • Sent Save the Date to over 300 partners
    • Event will be in the parking lot of 105 S Oak Park Ave
    • Supervisor Keenan will speak at the unveiling
    • Date 6/6/22 from 10 am – 2 pm
  • Day in Our Village
    • 6/5/22
    • Branding items will be available
    • Setting up volunteer sheet
  • Campaign
    • Begin 6/13
    • Begin Press attention and social media
      • Outreach to the Wednesday Journal

FY23 Budget – General Government and Capital Outlay

General Government

  • Lower FY22 Budget by $60,000
    • Previous budge higher due to salary
      • Salary and benefits have gone down
    • Communications has own budget and no longer part of Administration budget
      • Salaries
      • Part-time social media position
      • Part-time coordinator position
    • Assessor
      • March Appeals of the Tri-annual Reassessment are the reason for increase
    • Clerk’s Office
      • No budget changes
    • IMFR has gone done
      • Township pays percentage based on actuarial analysis
        • New amount determined each year
      • This year Township paying 3.9 %
        • Last year paid over 5%

Capital Budget

  • Still working on numbers
    • Need one new bus
    • Roof tear-off and replace at 105 and 130 building
      • Trustee E Davis suggested that Township budget for damaged deck allowance
    • Routing Software
      • Trustee T Thomas asked whether the cost can be shared with municipalities
      • Manager Morgan indicate that it cannot; however, they can purchase through cooperatives that the Township belongs to for the best price
    • Health and Life Insurance
      • Trustee M Trybus asked why cost has gone up
      • Manger Morgan indicated that costs generally go up and that they expected a 5% increase
      • Rate change will go into effect July 2022
    • Preliminary budget to be approved May 10th or May 24th
    • Budget hearing and final approval will be June 28th


  • Prevention Program
    • Inquiry into where community service is being performed
      • Prevention Services Manager Kelly O’Connor indicated that participates participate with Holiday Food and Gift baskets and Prevention Services assists with employment and resume building
    • Gerontology
      • Director P Mahn
        • Will send out the Dept. on Aging PowerPoint presentation
        • Statewide survey for youth and seniors to assist with development of curriculum
        • Students to be identified through Board of Education
          • Would like to see OP students participate
        • Committees
          • Youth Services – 1 vacancy
          • Senior Service – 2 vacancies
        • Governor extended Executive Order
          • Allows Board meeting to be virtual
        • Financial Report
          • Summary
            • Finished FY with expenditures below revenue
            • Increased fund balance
              • To be used toward capital improvements


  • Thank You
    • Generally
    • Work on Annual Meeting
  • TOI Seminars
    • Encourage attendance
    • Township will cover cost
  • Village COVID cases increased a little

CMHB (Trustee Trybus)

-           Under budget for FY 22

-           may be due to COVID

-           Looking at fund balance

-           Concern about HUB

-           Healthy Communities Foundation may pull out

-           Cheryl working on this issue

Youth Services Committee (Trustee Onayemi)

  • Next meeting 5/4/22

Senior Services (Trustee Thomas)

  • Report from Dir. P Mahn
    • Senior Service Article in Township Perspective pg. 36-37
    • Notified about approval of Grant approval of $355,000 through State for workforce program through 2023
    • Friday 2/29 – deadline for ombudsman application
    • Coordinator Care Alliance –
      • Home Med Program
        • Help with medication review for seniors


  • No report
  • Board meeting 5/14/22



  • Trustee M Trybus moved to adjourn at 8:31 pm; Trustee A Onayemi seconded the motion which passed unanimously.



The next meeting of the Oak Park Township Board of Trustees will be a Regular Board of Trustees Meeting conducted in-person and/or electronically among Board members at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 7 pm at 7 pm at the Township Office locate at 105 S. Oak Park, Ave, Oak Park, IL.


Respectfully submitted by

and recorded in the office of



DaToya Burtin-Cox, Township Clerk


Approved:  May 10, 2022