Statement on Adam Toledo

Oak Park Township stands in solidarity with the Black and Brown people we serve, those who serve with us as staff and volunteers, and those in the community who are tired from seeing another person of color dying like Adam Toledo. This hits the Township particularly hard because of our commitment to the positive development of youth in our communities.

Following is an excerpt from a statement posted by the Erikson Institute that sums up the larger context we must face together:

"We grieve the loss of Adam Toledo, a 13-year-old boy shot dead by a Chicago police officer on March 29, 2021. Adam’s death comes at a time when our nation is collectively dealing with the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former police officer facing murder charges in the death of George Floyd, as well as the fatal shooting earlier this week of Daunte Wright, another Black man killed by a police officer near Minneapolis.

Since the shooting, there have been various reports of who Adam was, what happened that night, and why he was killed. What we do know is that Adam was a young teenager—a child. And he was a son, brother, grandson, friend, and neighbor. He lived in Little Village, a vibrant community filled with love that we are proud to work in every day. Adam is the latest victim of community systems that perpetuate extreme police force, gun violence, broken relationships between law enforcement and communities of color, and a devaluing of Black and Brown lives."

Youth Services staff from Oak Park and River Forest Townships are available to help. If you need help connecting to resources, or if you want to talk, our diverse, professional staff are prepared to help with any situation. Please contact the Youth Services Department directly at 708-445-2727.