Initial Board of Review Open For Appeals Until August 28, 2020




                                                                                                Contact:  Ali ElSaffar, Oak Park Township Assessor


The Cook County Board of Review has announced that it will be accepting appeals of the assessed valuations of Oak Park properties between July 30 and August 28, 2020.  According to Oak Park Township Assessor Ali ElSaffar, this appeal period marks the second opportunity Oak Park property owners will have to appeal their 2020 assessed values.

When Oak Park properties were reassessed by the Cook County Assessor earlier this year, local property owners had an opportunity to contest their new assessments through the Cook County Assessor’s appeal process.  The Board of Review provides local property owners a second chance to appeal their assessments.  Those who did not file an appeal with the Assessor’s office may appeal to the Board of Review.  In addition, those who filed appeals with the Assessor but did not like the results also have the right to appeal to the Board of Review.

“The Cook County Board of Review has the authority to review and change the decisions of the Cook County Assessor,” ElSaffar said.  “But those seeking to appeal with the Board of Review can do so only if they file an appeal by August 28.  Those who miss the filing deadline will lose their rights to appeal their 2020 assessed valuations.”  Since Cook County tax bills always arrive one year late, property owners should be aware that the money-saving effects of successful 2020 appeals will not appear on tax bills until the summer of calendar year 2021.

During the appeal period, the Township Assessor’s office will be available to help taxpayers identify comparable properties (properties similar to the property owner’s that have lower assessed values), and otherwise help prepare the evidence to substantiate appeals.  Because of safety concerns during the pandemic, however, assistance for help in filing appeals will be provided over the phone rather than in person.  Assessor ElSaffar asks that those seeking help from the Township call 708-383-8005 in advance to set up a phone appointment.


Release Date:  July 30, 2020