Community Letter from Oak Park Township Manager

Dear Community,

Oak Park Township stands opposed to injustice and oppression in its many forms. In particular, we call out the murder of George Floyd, just one in a long line of injustices served on black and brown people in this country. We recognize this as another opportunity to speak out and act against racism. It is our hope that this will be a turning point in a tragic history. We are willing to do our part to ensure that it is.

Standing in solidarity with Black and other oppressed communities is consistent with Oak Park Township’s values of Service, Community and Caring. Township staff of many colors, orientations, and backgrounds have proudly continued providing services during the COVID-19 pandemic to the most vulnerable populations in our community; seniors, youth, individuals experiencing financial challenges, people with developmental and physical disabilities, and people dealing with mental health and substance abuse issues. As we work in unity to address the fear, anger, anxiety, sadness and concern that many are feeling, the Township is committed to caring for staff, clients and the community. We will continue to explore opportunities to address issues of equity, access and opportunity both within the Township organization and the communities we serve.

Oak Park Township is open to discussions about how we can do better. We are talking with our governmental and non-profit partners in Oak Park about how we can be part of the solution. Most importantly, we recognize that this is a time for us to listen and seek to understand the voices in our local community and to pay attention to the larger discussion in our nation.


Humbly yours,


Gavin W. Morgan, Manager

Oak Park Township


June 2, 2020