Appeal Appointments To Be Done By Phone, Not In Person

Township Assessor’s appeal appointments to done by phone, not in person

To protect taxpayers and Township staff from potential spread and health risks associated with the coronavirus, the Oak Park Township Assessor’s office is ending in-person appeal appointments with Oak Park taxpayers effective at the end of the day on March 13, 2020.   All subsequent appeal appointments will be done over the phone.


There are currently hundreds of taxpayers who have appointments to come to the Township office for appeal help through the April 7 appeal deadline.  Instead of coming to the office at the time and day of the appointment, however, staff members from the Township Assessor’s office will now be calling the taxpayers at the appointed time using the phone numbers provided at the time the appointment was set.  During the phone call, Township Assessor’s staff will help taxpayers prepare evidence in support of the appeal and will file it electronically.


Taxpayers who have not yet called the Township for help with appeals can still call 708-383-8005 to set up an appointment.  Instead of coming to the Township at the time of the appointment, however, Township Assessor’s staff will call taxpayers at the appointed time.


This is an unprecedented situation, but we are hopeful that this new process will allow the Township to continue helping taxpayers while also reducing the risk of illness for everyone involved.  Thank you for your patience and flexibility.


Ali ElSaffar, Oak Park Township Assessor

March 13, 2020