New Youth Services Interventionist Supervisor Sara Marx; New Youth Services Initiatives

Contact:  Megan Traficano, Youth Services Director


Youth Services of Oak Park and River Forest Township Announces

New Youth Interventionist Supervisor Plus Exciting New Youth Initiatives!

Sara Marx, Youth Services Interventionist Supervisor


Oak Park and River Forest Townships Youth Services Department is happy to announce the addition of Youth Interventionist Supervisor, Sara Marx. Sara is an LCPC who has a background in emergency and crisis work with youth, clinical therapy, and supervisory experience. Both Townships are excited to welcome Sara to the team!

In addition to Sara starting, Youth Services will be highlighting new initiatives starting summer 2019 and into the school year, including expanding services to include group work with youth, partnering with the Oak Park Public Library and River Forest Public Library on a school supply drive that will be open to ALL youth ages kindergarten-12th grade throughout Oak Park and River Forest, and getting the Youth Services Committee involved in more direct service work with youth. According to Committee Chair Patricia Bowman, “YSC provides support and services to activities that promote student safety and youth engagement. Research says that students must feel safe and be engaged to be successful. Programs supported by YSC must fit these two criteria in addition to others.”

Youth Services plans to continue to expand and work with our community partners and Youth Services Committee to service youth in the communities. Director Megan Traficano will continue to expand programming, including Restorative Justice work, Mentoring/Case Management, and initiatives that focus on positively connecting youth to the community, and even debuting an Instagram page.

If you have any questions about programming or would like to get involved please contact the Youth Services Department at 708-445-2727 or