We offer Financial Assistance Scholarships (FAS) for youth, to assist them in participating in activities and/or programs they are financially unable to access. Funds can be used for costs relating directly to registration and participant fees only.

Applicants must meet financial guidelines as set by the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch program.  Both the Application and Income Verification forms must be completed and returned.  If either form is not submitted or incomplete, we will not be able to submit it until all of the required information is provided. All financial aid requests must be submitted prior to the start of the program.  No reimbursements will be made and any appications submitted for payment after the program's completion will not be accepted.

The following link has the Application, Guidelines and Income Verification forms for Fiscal Year 2020.  Please see the explanation for each section below.

2020 Financial Assistance Scholarships Forms

Guidelines: explains the process for applying and who is eligible.

Application: The application must be completed by a referral source, not the youth's family.  This can be a counselor, dean, social worker, or a representative at the organization where the program is held.  Be prepared with documentation indicating your household income level (acceptable documents include: W2, income tax return, pay stub, Public Aid ID#, etc.)  Any application not completed by a referral person will be returned.

Income Verification: The income verification form must have the signature of the youth's parent or guardian, and must be completely filled out, indicating household size and income level.  The application will be returned if the household size and income level are not included on the form. 


For financial assistance for Park District of Oak Park programs: You must meet directly with the Park District to complete the registration. Call Trina Hartzog at 708.725.2303  or email her at to set up a time. Be prepared with financial statements that indicate your household income level.

For OPRFHS Summer School/Work Study program: contact Linda Hayes at 708.434.3692.

For OPRFHS Summer Sports Camps:  contact Courtney Sakellaris at 708.434.3500.  All financial assistance scholarship requests for Summer Sports Camps for 2019 have been completed.  For summer 2020, please check back for updated deadlines.  


For further questions and additional assistance, please contact the Youth Services Department by using the "Contact Us" form or call 708.445.2727.



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