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Community Mental Health Board

The Community Mental Health Board of Oak Park Township (CMHB) is a branch of Oak Park Township. The CMHB is comprised of nine residents appointed by the Township Supervisor with the approval of the Township Trustees.

The purpose of the Community Mental Health Board is to assist in planning, developing, coordinating, evaluating, and funding mental health services in Oak Park. This includes services for persons with mental disorders, alcohol or other drug dependence or developmental disorders. The Township’s Community Mental Health Fund provides over $1million in financial support for programs and services to 12-20 agencies per year in Oak Park.

Health Connection Hub (The HUB):

The HUB is a closed-loop referral database that helps connect community members to the behavioral health and other social services that they need. Learn more and search for services at www.healthconnectionhub.org

CMHB Database Login:  www.mhblink.com/

Board Membership Information

Members of the Community Mental Health Board are appointed by the Township Trustees to four-year terms. The Board looks for individuals with social service experience or experience in other areas directly and indirectly related to the field of mental health, developmental disabilities, and Substance Use Disorder. The Community Mental Health Board meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm.  CMHB meetings are at 1011 Lake Street, 2nd Floor conference room, Oak Park, IL  60301.  Locations are subject to change.  

Current CMHB Members
Nancy Staples, President
Jaimee Reggio, Vice President
Liz Raleigh, Treasurer/Secretary
Dr. Richard Carroll
Dr. Bill Troyer
Dr. Bruce McNulty
Ade Onayemi, Oak Park Township Trustee
Janet Graf
Gustavo Espinosa

For additional information about the CMHB, please contact Oak Park Township at 708-383-8005, or click here for an application to the CMHB Committee.

Contact Information

Lisa DeVivo
Community Mental Health Board Executive Director

Vanessa Matheny, MSW
Community Mental Health Board Contracts Manager

Pleshette S. Davis
Community Mental Health Board Office Manager

1011 Lake Street, Suite 307
Oak Park, IL  60301
(708) 358-8855

Currently Funded Agencies

The Community Mental Health Board (CMHB) provides funding to local social service agencies on an annual basis.  For more information on these agencies, please contact CMHB at (708) 358-8855.  Please click here for a list of currently funded agencies.

CMHB History

In 1973 Oak Park citizens voted to establish a Community Mental Health Board and levy an annual tax for the purpose "...of providing community mental health facilities and services including facilities for the developmentally disabled and those with Substance Use Disorder." The vote was authorized Community Mental Health Act, recently passed by the by the Illinois Legislature. For the full text of the act, go to:
MENTAL HEALTH (405 ILCS 20/) Community Mental Health Act.

Following the successful referendum, the Township board appointed the nine-member CMHB to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Act. One year later a full-time executive director was hired to coordinate the day-to-day affairs, assist the voluntary Board members and add professional input and expertise to the Board's activities.

CMHB Mission
•    Enhance the mental health and developmental potential of Oak Park residents
•    Establish an appropriate continuum of community support service
•    Manage local resources in a fiscally responsible manner.

Vision Statement
The Community Mental Health Board of Oak Park Township shall provide leadership to develop a comprehensive array of community based services, which are cost-effective, systematically evaluated, and responsive to evolving community needs. This requires a flexible network of easily accessible services for the treatment and prevention of mental illness, developmental disabilities, and Substance Use Disorder.

In pursuit of this vision, the board endorses the following concepts:
•    Accessible, community focused network of care
•    Development of a continuum of care, responsive to the community and the evolving needs of clients – children or adults
•    Client-centered approach to the provision of care provided in a coordinated fashion responsive to presenting issues of clients
•    Providing choice within an array of community-based alternatives
•    Services that build on client strengths as well as disabilities
•    Improve the quality of life for Oak Park residents with disabilities

Purpose and Philosophy
The Illinois Community Mental Health Act mandates that each Community Mental Health Board in the state:
•    Review and evaluate community mental health services and facilities
•    Plan for programs of community mental health services and facilities
•    Consult with others regarding the most efficient delivery of services
•    Authorize distribution of funds to mental health services and facilities

The Board is mandated to assure on behalf of the community that those in need of mental health, developmental disability or substance use disorder services will have those services available to them. To accomplish this task the Board must continuously engage in policy development to ensure access, quality, and cost efficiency for the community’s behavioral healthcare needs.





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