Oak Park Township assists residents by providing a variety of governmental services and resources, with a special emphasis on advocacy and partnerships in human service programs that benefit at-risk youth and senior citizens as well as mentally ill and financially struggling community members.


  • Oak Park Township offers many services that are availble to residents throughout the community. Please review the qualifications for these services on our site; stop by our offices, or give us a call for further details.


  • The process of real estate assessment and taxation is inherently complex, and there are unique aspects of the Cook County process. Accordingly, the Township Assessor and Deputy Assessor can answer many questions brought forth by the Township constituency.


  • Oak Park Township Youth Services (OPTYS) supports programs and services that work for the prevention of juvenile delinquency and which address youth who are at risk of becoming involved or are already engaged in inappropriate and/or illegal activities. OPTYS also advocates for programs and services which enhance the social and emotional development of youth and their families. OPTYS is committed to promoting opportunities for youth and their families to obtain needed services.


  • The mission of Oak Park Township Senior Services is to enhance the quality of life for seniors in our community by providing a broad array of supportive services that promote the values of independence, self-esteem, and dignity.


Community Mental Health Board

  • The purpose of the Community Mental Health Board is to assist in planning, developing, coordinating, evaluating, and funding mental health services in Oak Park. This includes services for persons with mental disorders, alcohol or other drug dependence or developmental disorders. The Township’s Community Mental Health Fund provides over $1million in financial support for programs and services to 12-20 agencies per year in Oak Park.

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  • Oak Park Township provides other information and assistance or referrals to services including:  General Assistance (financial) to eligible Oak Park residents, services to citizens with disabilities, loans of medical equipment and referrals to food assistance and health care. Resource information is provided for services not directly available through the Township or its contracted partners.



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