Advisory Referendum Procedure for 4/12/16 Annual Meeting

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January 7, 2016


Township process for placing an advisory referendum on an election ballot

The Oak Park Township Annual Meeting is held the second Tuesday of April each year – April 12th in 2016. In conformity with State statute 60ILCS 1/30-10, up to three advisory referenda questions can be on the agenda of the meeting for a vote to place them on the ballot of the next election. Placement on the agenda is a citizen-initiated process. Voters registered in Oak Park may create a supporting petition (with exact wording of the referendum question for the ballot), gather 15 signatures of registered Oak Park voters, and submit the petitions to the Township Clerk by March 1. The Clerk must accept and place up to three properly submitted referenda – the first three submitted – on the meeting agenda for a vote by registered Oak Park voters present at the Annual Meeting. Those referenda that pass at the Annual Town Meeting must be submitted to the County Clerk for the ballot of the next election. The Township board has no role in this process.





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