2019-05-03 09:00
Celebrating Seniors Week
May 03, 2019

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River Forest Township Invites You to

Celebrating Seniors Week™   May 2 – May 9, 2019


Held at the River Forest Community Center, 8020 Madison Street, River Forest.

  • Thursday, 5/2, 10:30 am– Perspiration & Inspiration:  Why Staying Active Is for Everyone featuring West Cook’s YMCA Healthy Aging Program and a Gottlieb Personal Trainer for seniors.  Learn why daily exercise for seniors (from marathon runners to Chair Yoga enthusiasts) is so key to aging well physically, mentally (your brain) and emotionally. Come for information and some demonstration.
  • Friday, 5/3, 2:00 pm – Re-Imagining Aging, One Breath at a Time with ML Wahlfeldt and Susan Lucci. Learn about this life changing method to access better sleep and meditation technique.
  • Monday, 5/6, 2:00 pm – Between Generations: Interviewing for Genealogy Research and How It Promotes Family Connectedness with RF residents Abby Schmelling and Bob Ray.  Learn the how-to’s and the why’s of interviewing for genealogical research, which, in addition to is another great way to record family history.  Then learn ways to memorialize and use all that research, e.g., video and written narrative (“journaling”) formats.
  • Tuesday, 5/7, 1:00 pm – Step-by-Step: Decluttering & Downsizing and What to Do with All That Stuff. A Panel discussion with Laura Bruzas and Kristi Bangert, with handouts and instruction.
  • Wednesday, 5/8, 10 a.m – 2 pm – Oak Park Township Senior Services sponsors IL Sec’y of State “Super Seniors” Day for state IDs; license renewal; some testing; Preregistration suggested. Call Senior Services at 708-383-8060.
  • Thursday, 5/9, 10:30 am – Elder Life Planning Using Legal Tools like Advanced Directives, Wills and TODI’s with Center for Disability & Elder Law (CDEL) Legal Director Tom Wendt.

***   Questions? Please call 708.366.2029 or email